Hey hey Woody Guthrie
Wincest, good to the last drop.

"So now we have Sam who just loves his brother and wants his brother to get well and be better. That’s how this season will be different."

-- Jared Padalecki (via lionheartnking)

screencap meme: camercnbriel asked for Orphan Black + scenerygasm

screencap meme: camercnbriel asked for Orphan Black + scenerygasm

The Lion King (1994) colors + gold/yellow

I was tagged by my stupid boyfriend who made me answer that

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1. Who is your favorite Non-Marvel Super-Hero ?

I was gonna say Rorschach but he’s not a super-hero so Wonder Woman.

2. What is your favorite cheese ?

Goat cheese.

3. What was your first favorite band ? (As in the first band you ever loved.)

Uuuuuh… probably Good Charlotte (and then American Idiot came out and I listened to Green Day’s first albums again and went “HOLY SHIT”).

4. You’re playing D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). Which kind of character do you play ? (Like, Human Warrior or Elvish Priest.)

I don’t understand the question so I’m gonna say Sam Winchester.

5. What is the most terrifying movie you have ever seen ?

I honestly have absolutely no idea. It’s been a while since a movie scared me and even stuff I’ve seen when I was kid didn’t frighten me enough that I’d remember it.

6. Name a movie about life.

The Life Of Brian.

Also Walter Mitty is about Life.

7. Why is there something rather than nothing ? (This question is sponsored by Nietzsche. No actual answer expected, it’s just because i find it really interesting.)

Because if there was nothing there wouldn’t be pizza and that is just not acceptable.

8. Have you seen Fight Club ?


9. Do you think there is an universal purpose for life or do you think each person should find its own ?

I don’t think your life should necessarily have a purpose, I guess if you’re happy (and you can make the people around you happy too), that’s enough.

10. Cybernetic revolt or Zombie Apocalypse ?

Can I have both so I let the robots kill the zombies while I move to Mars ?

Not tagging anyone because I’m a nice person and also it’s late so I’m not even going to try to come up with questions at this hour.

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one bed, two brothers
one sleeps with his shirt off, the
other doesn’t care

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A Song of Ice and Fire

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a week ago i had months before me and now i’m leaving in three weeks what the hell happened

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[ name meaning meme; 1/? | sam winchester | inspired by  ]

           ↳ “heart of god” & “sun child”

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