Hey hey Woody Guthrie
Wincest, good to the last drop.


Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes 

Just few of the things Sam is willing to do for Dean.


I belong with my brother. 

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flashbacks of that one time we fought a centipede

it was absolutely TERRIFYING and we were so brave

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argh there’s a mosquito in my bedroom and I’m allergic to the bites

if I wake up with a swollen foot or arm at least I’ll know why

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"It’s been dark in Dean’s world for a while, and I’m hoping that someone will open up a window soon."

-- Jensen Ackles, Zap2it Interview  (via deanspanties)


lotr meme: seven scenes [6/7] → aragorn vs. the nazgûl

Two sides. One is light, one is dark.

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