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Brother(s) Looking After The Ponies


i saw a poster on the wall at uni earlier today that said “feminists as long as we’ll have to be” and it made me cringe because while i understand what it should stand for, it doesn’t make sense, and honestly, if some feminists themselves think it means “supporting women in their supremacy” then we are getting nowhere

i mean think about it, let’s use a synonym, does “in favor of equality as long as we’ll have to be” sound normal ? no, it doesn’t, because you don’t stop believing in a cause once you’ve reached your goal

i just realized why i have a crush on gotham!bruce

he’s basically klaus baudelaire (without his sisters), alfred would be uncle monty, the police is mr poe, with a whole town of count olafs


Little did he know…

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my cute little emo penguin

❝Carver mentioned that the brothers would very much be dealing with their issues going forward and that their individual and collective journeys would be “very personal from here on out” and it will “become more clear where [they’re] at at the end of [episode 10.03].” Padalecki hinted that “Sam protects himself to protect others. I think Sam is finally learning and understanding something, that in order to truly help others he has to give and give freely which I think Sam can do like nobody else.” In addition, Carver said that “[the brothers] are coming to an understanding or conclusion or they realize there has to be another way to deal with what this [situation], and they will.” And have no fear, Supernatural fans, because when asked if the Winchesters would learn to be brothers again and get back to the good side of the family business (you know, hunting people and saving things), Carver responded with a “yes!”❞

Jeremy Carver on the brothers relationship in S10


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(Just really curious if someone [J2] sat him down and straightened the little twit out because while I’m thrilled about Season 10 and how it’s going, I don’t believe any of this is his idea. It’s pretty much the opposite of what he’s said up until recently. Whatever the reason, I’m glad someone beat some sense into him.- via sparestrange)

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❝Demon Dean also knows how to get to Sam. But I think there’s some truth in it too. And Sam knows it. But Dean’s truth, although it’s parallel to Sam’s truth, it’s not the same. And I think Sam’s smart enough to figure that out.” Padalecki also assured us that the brothers could reconcile those two truths: “It’s going be difficult and it’s going take some time. But they certainly can.❞
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"And thus it was, a Fourth Age of Middle-earth began. And the Fellowship of the Ring, though eternally bound by friendship and love, was ended.”

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i need sam to take some time off once dean is cured

i need sam to voice the fact that while he’s glad dean’s back to normal and even though it was demon!dean speaking and hurting him he can’t just be okay with it all and i want dean to apologize properlyand to listen to everything sam has to say

i need a full episode of sam taking deep breaths sitting by a beautiful lake with a nice book and a cup of tea and random people coming over to tell him what a brilliant guy he is

i need sam to be happy

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omg i was waiting for the elevator and this guy walks out, he had purple/blue/grey hair and it was so pretty and i whispered “wow” but he heard me and he winked at me and said “i know” and then he walked away

that was extremely embarrassing